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Frequently Asked Questions  

How can I find out if the college is closed due to inclement weather?


In the event of inclement weather The Art Institute of Seattle may need to close or delay the class starting time. There are three easy ways to access information about weather related closure or delays:
* Log on to
* Listen to Newsradio 710 KIRO
* Tune in to Channel 7 KIRO
Each of these sites will be regularly updated by The Art Institute of Seattle staff to provide the community with accurate school changes & announcements.

What is the address of the website portal for students called ‘myaicampus’?

The student website portal is located at

Who has access to the ‘myaicampus’ website?

Current students and students who have graduated within the last six months have access to myaicampus. The site requires a username and password.

What services are available through my ‘myaicampus’ account?

Your account provides you with a personal e-mail address and 5 MB of e-mail account space; 50 MB of web space so you may create a personal web site; access to your eclass account, grades, web registration, unofficial transcripts, and links to various web pages useful to AiS students; and a host of other services.

What do I need to log into ‘myaicampus’ account?

You need a username and a password. The username and password are created during a student’s initial use of ‘myaicampus.’ Generally, the accounts are created during orientation.

How do I find out my username and password?

Usernames and passwords are created during orientation. First quarter students who have not attended orientation, need to create a new account by going to On the right hand side above the log-in box, go to “First Time User, Click here to create a new account.” If you do not remember your myaicampus username and password please contact the Registrar office. The Registrar office can be reached at 206-239-3066 or visit us on the 6th floor of South campus.

How do I unlock my account?

Your account is automatically locked if the wrong password is entered more than three times. To reset your account please contact the Registrar office. The Registrar office can be reached at 206-239-3066 or visit us on the 6th floor of South campus.

To whom should I report general problems with my ‘myaicampus’ account?

Please contact the Registrar office. The Registrar office can be reached at 206-239-3066 or visit us on the 6th floor of South campus. You may also call the ‘myaicampus’ student tech support number at 1-866-645-2711.

What is an ‘eclass’ account?

Your eclass account is also known as your “ecompanion” account. Every student has an ecompanion account. Each class you are enrolled in will be listed in this account. Faculty usually posts the course syllabi, class schedule and any announcements on this site.

How do I access my ecompanion account?

To access your eclass account, log into your ‘myaicampus’ account, select “Go to Class,” or you can go directly to Please enter your username and password.

What is my username and password for my ecompanion account?

Username and Password are the same:
“ais+student ID number”
For example: “ais1234567”

Who do I report issues with my ecompanion account?

You may contact the Registrar office at 206-239-3066 or student technical support at 1-866-645-2711.

When I click on ‘Academic Services’ on the myaicampus homepage, why do I see somebody else’s account information?

If the person before you did not exit the browser completely, their account information will be displayed when you click on Academic Services. To fix this, exit ALL browser windows and relaunch the browser. For Macintosh systems, be sure that you choose “File…Exit” in the browser; just closing the window does not close the application.

May I have my grades e-mailed to me?

For security reasons, grades may not be e-mailed to students. Grades are available by logging into your myaicampus account. Select “See My Grades” or under “My Self Service” select “Check grades” and you will be redirected to the Academic website with your personal academic records. Please set your options: select the correct quarter and year. On the left hand side, select the “Grades” folder. The most recent set of grades will be available. To see previous quarters, change the options tab to the corresponding quarter and year.

How do I get my grades mailed to a family member?

You will need to sign a “Grades to Parents” release form. The Registrar office will mail your final grades once every quarter. You may list up to 2 persons to receive your grades. This form is available at the Registrar’s office.

May I get a transcript through the ‘myaicampus’ web site?

Unofficial transcripts are available on your “My Self Service” portal, located on the right hand side of your myaicampus homepage. Double click “My Self Service Portal” and on the left hand side select the folder labeled “Academic Record” and you will see your unofficial transcript. Official transcripts must be requested in writing through the Registrar office. Transcript request forms can be obtained by clicking on the Transcript Requests link.

How can I request a verification letter proving that I am a student at this school?

You can request a verification letter of your enrollment status online or you can visit the Registrar office, with photo ID. To request online, go to your myaicampus home page, scroll to the bottom of the page. Under “Resources” select “Forms & Documents.” On the right hand side under “Registrar” select “Enrollment Verification Form.” You will be routed to the “Dynamic Forms Portal.” You submit your request by selecting “Complete my form” and filling out the information electronically. Your request will be processed by the Registrar office. Note, if it is your first time using this portal, you will be directed to enroll as a new user. You can then access this portal to request future verifications letters.

Where can I find information about publishing my personal web site through myaicampus?

Help with publishing your web site, log onto your myaicampus account, on the right hand side go to “Student Email & Website HelpCenter.”

What is my password to access my personal website?

On the right hand side of your myaicampus homepage, find the “My Webspace” sign-in icon. Underneath, you will see “For Direct FTP Access What’s this?” Select “What’s this?” and it displays your username and password. This password cannot be reset.