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The Art Institute of Seattle is offering selected online courses through a consortium agreement with The Art Institute of Pittsburgh - Online Division (AiPOD). The online course program is referred to as the Plus Program. This is a great opportunity for students, but remember that online classes are not for everyone. The classes are approximately 5 1/2 weeks in duration and due to the intensive and interactive format of online courses, students are REQUIRED to participate online at least 4 out of 7 days in the week. Success will require a great deal of communication in writing. Online classes are not generally taught by AiS instructors. Interested students will need to complete a series of steps before being allowed to register for online courses the first time. Online classes should be registered for by all posted deadlines. Students are encouraged to register as early as possible, as online classes do not work well for last minute enrollment and space is not guaranteed.

Characteristics of a successful Plus student

  • Comfortable communicating in writing
  • Willingness to work 4 out of 7 days per week in a 5 1/2 week period
  • Self-motivated and self-disciplined
  • Possess good critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • Has solid computer skills (email, web, word processing, etc.)
  • Ability to work pro-actively and follow through for completion of task
  • Comfortable working independently
  • Good reading skills with attention to detail - VERY IMPORTANT


  • For Summer Quarter 2014, students in any quarter of study at The Art Institute of Seattle are eligible to enroll in online classes. Students are required to take at least one campus class.
  • All students must have a cumulative grade point average of 2.5. No more than 40% of the program of study may be completed online.
  • Portfolio preparation and portfolio courses as well as college preparatory courses (e.g. COM83 College Preparatory Writing) MUST be taken on-ground and cannot be taken online.
  • Students must successfully complete previous online courses in order to continue taking online classes. Students with online grades lower than a "C" will be subject to review. Students that repeatedly withdraw or drop online classes will also be subject to review.
  • In order to take an online course, students must complete registration by posted deadlines.
  • Please note: online class tuition is not eligible for funding under the WA State Worker Retraining Program.


  • A student must personally own a computer with hardware and software required by the course as outlined in the course description.
  • A student must have a subscription for Internet connection.


  • eBooks: If you are enrolled in a course that uses eBooks (digital texts), you do not need to purchase any additional texts. Instead, the textbook is built into the online classroom. The first week of class you access the text in the classroom; after the first week, you may then download the text.
    • If you are enrolled in a class that uses one eBook there is a $50 Digital Resource Fee.
    • If you are enrolled in a class that uses two or more eBooks there is a $75 Digital Resource Fee.
  • Traditional: If you are enrolled in a course that uses a traditional text (hard-copy), you will need to purchase your books through AiPOD's bookstore or another bookstore of your choosing. (These books are not generally for sale at the AiS Supply Store.) The AiPOD Bookstore may be found @
  • Next to each class listed below there are two codes. The first code is AiPOD's course code; the second course code is the AiS course code. You can click the first course code to read a description of the class. Remember, the book information in the description may not be updated until closer to the session start. In the mean time, please reference the book type provided next to the class.
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    Session 1 (S1) Dates: July 14 - August 20
    Session 2 (S2) Dates: August 21 - September 27

    -Classes and book information are subject to change.
    -All courses are offered for both sessions unless otherwise indicated.
    -Pre-requisites listed in [brackets]
    -Book fees:
    * 1 eBook, $50
    ** 2 eBooks, $75
    † Traditional textbook required
    (NOTE: SS202 Cultural Theory does not require a book)

    FND250/CC315 Business Law & Intellectual Property*
    FND112/FND105 Design Fundamentals*
    FND111/FND150 Digital Color Theory*

    CUL209/CL201 Sustainable Purchasing & Cost Control**
    CUL236/CL211 Management by Menu*
    CUL210/CL228 Management, Supervision, & Career Dev.*
    CUL222/CL255 Food & Bev. Operations Mgmt.**
    CUL411/CL275 Catering and Event Management
    FND252/CL315 Human Resource Management*
    CUL327/CL325 Foodservice Tech. & Information*
    CUL425/CL330 Leadership & Organizational Development
    CUL315/CL360 Facilities Mgmt. & Design*
    CUL305/CL375 Foodservice Financial Management*
    CUL326/CL380 Legal Issues & Ethics for Culinarians*
    CUL427/CL385 Quality Service Management & Training*
    HRM350/CL410 Hospitality Marketing (S1)
    HRM215/CL430 History and Study of Cuisines (S1)*
    CUL431/CL445 Sales and Public Relations
    CUL432/CL460 Innovation and Entrepreneurship (S1)*
    CUL312/CL470 Global Mgmt & Operations*

    Director approval only - see Emilia Valle

    Director approval only - see Emilia Valle

    G132/GWDA207 Design History*
    G223/PHO119 Digital Illustration I
    IMD212/GWDA113 Fundamentals of Web Page Scripting* [PHO119]
    IMD312/GWDA123 Programming Logic (S2)

    ID215/IND133 Human Factors*
    ID311/INT247 Building Codes and Universal Design (S1)** [INT236]
    D210/INT260 History of Interior Design II*
    ID323/INT411 Career Development* [Director Approval]

    ENG1010/COM101 English Composition*
    ENG1020/COM102 Analytical Writing** [COM101]
    COM1010/COM109 Speech Communications*
    ENG3020/COM201 Creative Writing†
    COM3010/COM250 Argumentation & Debate* [COM109]
    ART1020/HUM106 Art History 1: Ancient*
    ENG2500/HUM110 Literature* [COM101]
    HIS2510/HUM120 World Civilization (Early Modern Europe to Present)*
    PHI2100/HUM150 Philosophy*
    ART1030/HUM290 Contemporary Art & Design* [3 HUM Credits Completed]
    ART3010/ELHUM101 American Art History† [3 HUM Credits Completed]
    ART3020/ELHUM102 American Architecture† [3 HUM Credits Completed]
    ENG2510/ELHUM103 American Literature [COM101]
    ENG4010/ELHUM104 Children's Literature (S1)† [COM101]
    HIS2500/ELHUM105 World Civilization (Antiquity to Renaissance)
    PHI2200/MAT110 Introduction to Logic (S1)*
    FRM130/MAT125 Business Math*
    FND154/MAT127 Principles of Accounting (S2)* [MAT123]
    BIO1010/SCI101 Biology*
    CHM1010/SCI105 Chemistry*
    BIO2010/SCI110 Nutrition Science*
    PHY1010/SCI230 Mechanics of Motion* [MAT123]
    PHY3010/SCI Adv Topics in Natural Sciences - Modern Physics (S1) [3 SCI Credits]
    ECO1010/SS120 Economics*
    PS1010/SS130 Intro to Political Science*
    ART2010/SS202 Cultural Theory
    HIS1010/SS210 U.S. History (First Contact to Reconstruction)*
    PSY1010/SS230 Psychology*
    SOC1010/SS240 Sociology*
    PHI1010/SS265 Ethics*
    HIS1020/ELSS101 US History II (Reconstruction to Present)*
    PSY2100/ELSS102 Cross-Cultural Psychology* [SS230]

    Note: Some classes may be listed under common courses as they are used in multiple programs; as always, you should reference your degree audit in selecting classes.

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Have you taken online classes before?

Yes! No!
Complete the Online Registration Form and submit it to the Registrar either in person in SC 778 or by email. 1. Complete the Plus Online Readiness Survey. Click Here for detailed Instructions.

  1. Log into and go to the Academic Affairs tab
  2. Click on Online Course Option and then open the Plus Online Readiness Survey
  3. A new window will open, click on Complete This Form
  4. Complete the form and click Next when you are finished

Note: we receive this electronically; there is no need to submit it to us via email.

Remember, all continuing students must have a cumulative grade point average of 2.5. No more than 40% of the program of study may be completed online. Read the Online PLUS Program - Getting Started material.
This information covers how the online program is structured and the basic instructions on how to access and participate in your online class.
If you do not meet the cumulative grade point average, are on academic warning, or wish to appeal to be online only for the quarter please contact us directly. Complete the Online Registration Form and s submit it to the Registrar either in person in or by email.

After registration, you must complete the AiPOD Plus Classroom Orientation Video prior to the class start. Log into the MyAiCampus Portal, look for the link that says "Access Class Resources." Click on it and there you will find a video designed to help you prepare for your online class by covering areas of the online classroom in-depth.
On the first day of your class, log into your online class and post! Click on the Academic Expectations tab and complete the "Please Read & Respond" section. Good luck.

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  • MyAiCampus Portal/Login for online classes:
  • For assistance with your username and password for the above web site, please call 1-866-642-2711.
  • AiPOD Plus Bookstore:
  • eBooks: View demo at
  • Help Desk: For help with technical problems, such as not being able to access your class, call 1-866-642-2711.
  • AiPOD Plus Knowledge Base Tutorials are found in your student account by logging into the MyAiCampus Portal. Once logged in, look for the link that says "Classroom Orientation Video." Click on it and there you will find a video designed to help you prepare for your online class by covering areas of the online classroom in-depth. You will also find more information about eBooks/Digital Bookshelf, and even online class tutoring. It is recommended that you review this section.
  • Individual Course Policies can be found in your online classroom at all times.
  • Academic Policies, including schedule adjustment and course withdrawal info, found in AiS School Catalog.


Spring 2014 Session 1 (S1) Dates: April 7 - May 14


First day to participate/post - April 7

Last day to drop without charge - April 14, 6:00 p.m.

Last day to withdraw (no refunded tuition, will receive "W" on transcript) - May 9, 5:00 p.m.

Spring 2014 Session 2 (S2) Dates: May 15 - June 21

First day to participate/post - May 15

Last day to drop without charge - May 19, 6:00 p.m.

Last day to withdraw (no refunded tuition, will receive "W" on transcript) - June 13, 5:00 p.m.

Summer 2014 Session 1 (S2) Dates: July 14 - August 20

First day to participate/post - July 14

Last day to drop without charge - July 21, 5:00 p.m.

Last day to withdraw (no refunded tuition, will receive "W" on transcript) - August 8, 5:00 p.m.

Summer 2014 Session 2 (S2) Dates: August 21 - September 27

First day to participate/post - August 21

Last day to drop without charge - August 25, 5:00 p.m.

Last day to withdraw (no refunded tuition, will receive "W" on transcript) - September 12, 5:00 p.m.

Please note the above dates are specific to online classes.


Frequently Asked Questions:

What is AiPOD? AiPOD = Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online Division, where online courses are hosted through a consortium agreement.

I'm not registered for the right class - what gives? Keep in mind that AiPOD uses a different system of course numbers and titles

What is the "Plus Program?" The Plus Program refers to campus based students, such as yourself, who are also taking online classes. In other words, you are an AiS student plus taking online classes!

How do I find what books I need? If you look above in the course listing you will see there are two course codes. The first code corresponds to AiPOD and the second corresponds to our school, AiS. Please note, most online classes utilize eBooks instead of traditional textbooks. If your class uses an eBook, you do not need to purchase any additional textbooks. Instead, the eBook is part of your online class. You are charged a $50 Digital Resource Fee for online classes that use one eBook or a $75 Digital Resource Fee for online classes using two or more eBooks. If your course uses a traditional textbook, you will need to order your book. The AiPOD bookstore is located at 

I want to see what the classroom looks like before signing up. Is that possible? Check out tutorials/demos online at

What do eBooks look like? You can view a demo online at

How/Where do I log into my online class? Log into using the username and password that you created. When you reach the home page, locate your schedule on the right hand side. Your class should have a "Launch Class" button underneath the title. Click the link and it should take you right into your online class. Please note: you will not gain access to your online class until the day it starts - second session classes will appear under the "Upcoming" tab, NOT "Current." See sample schedule below. In this example the online class is Marketing:

sample schedule 

When does Plus registration start? End?  See this web site for detailed deadlines each quarter.

May I register late?  No, students are required to meet posted deadlines.

May I add a second session class once the quarter has started?  No, registration for BOTH sessions is required by the end of the Plus registration deadline.  You cannot add classes during the Schedule Adjustment Period- you can only drop them.

When does my class start?  See dates above. Again, this web site is updated every quarter. Please bookmark it!

What classes are available online?  Updated each quarter on this web site- see course offerings above.

Information Subject to Change- info above is specific to SPRING 2014. Last Updated: 4/24/2014.

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