Animation Art & Design :: Media Arts & Animation :: Game Art & Design

AN105 Introduction to 2D Animation.pdf
AN106 Principles 3D Modeling.pdf
AN113 Language of Anim & Film.pdf
AN208 Figure Construction.pdf
AN210 Introduction to 2D Animation.pdf
AN221 Advanced Life Drawing.pdf
AN231 Digital Media Production I.pdf
AN232 Hard Surface Organic Modeling.pdf
AN235 Acting and Movement.pdf
AN236 Writing for Animation.pdf
AN242 Conceptual Storytelling.pdf
AN252 Materials & Lighting.pdf
AN260 3-D Animation.pdf
AN271 Concept Art and Visual Development.pdf
AN301 Adv 2D Animation.pdf
AN302 Digital Paint.pdf
AN303 Character Modeling.pdf
AN308 Character and Object Design.pdf
AN315 Adv 3D Animation.pdf
AN316 Audio for Animation.pdf
AN323 Digital Media Production II.pdf
AN341 Portfolio Foundations & Career Dev.pdf
AN380 Adv Lighting Techniques.pdf
AN387 Background Layout & Design.pdf
AN388 Animal Anatomy and Locomotion.pdf
AN402 Character Animation.pdf
AN408 Kinetic Anatomy.pdf
AN411 Special Effects.pdf
AN415 Classical Animation Techniques.pdf
AN428 Pre-Production for Animation I.pdf
AN431 Post-Production for Animation I.pdf
AN445 Pre-Production for Animation II.pdf
AN449 Post-Production for Animation II.pdf
AN451 Special Topics in Animation.pdf
AN455 Portfolio Presentation.pdf
GAD101 Intro to Game Development.pdf
GAD102 Game Design & Game Play.pdf
GAD216 Game Modeling.pdf
GAD219 Level Design.pdf
GAD225 Principles of Programming.pdf
GAD226 Interactive Storytelling.pdf
GAD235 2D Scripting.pdf
GAD237 TextureMappingForGames.pdf
GAD302 Figure Sculpture.pdf
GAD310 zBrush.pdf
GAD318 Game Prototyping.pdf
GAD319 Interior Spaces and Worlds.pdf
GAD337 Casual Games.pdf
GAD386 Advanced Level Design.pdf
GAD409 Interface Design for Games.pdf
GAD411 Team Production Planning.pdf
GAD414 Internship.pdf
GAD416 Adv Game Prototyping.pdf
GAD425 Mod Team I.pdf
GAD426 Mod Team II.pdf
GAD455 Portfolio Presentation.pdf