The Art Institute of Seattle - Academic Affairs Office

The Art Institute of Seattle

Transcript Request Procedure

Official and unofficial transcripts can be ordered in person at the Registrar window, by mail, fax, or email (attachment of form only). All requests will be processed within three business days, unless there are financial obligations due to the school.



If you wish to order your transcript(s) via mail, fax, or email, please use the above transcript request form or include the following in a letter:
      1. Your full name and any previous name
      2. Your student ID# or social security number
      3. Your mailing address, phone number, and email address
      4. Address to which the transcript(s) is/are to be sent
      5. Your Signature (Handwritten)
      6. Processing fee

A processing fee of $5.00 for the first official transcript and $1.00 for each additional official transcript (at the same time of request) will be required prior to issuance. Unofficial transcripts will be processed at no charge. Make checks payable to The Art Institute of Seattle. If you choose to pay by credit card please contact Student Accounting at (206)-239-2274

Mail requests to:The Art Institute of Seattle
Attention: Registrar
2323 Elliott Avenue
Seattle, Washington 98121

Fax requests to:
(206) 269-0275

Email Requests to:


It is the student’s responsibility to confirm receipt of transcripts. Replacement transcripts will not be sent after six months. After six months a new request and fee must be submitted.

Transcripts show all work completed at The Art Institute of Seattle. You must have completed one term to order.

Transcripts from high schools and other institutions must be requested directly from that institution.